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Liveshots DC

The Place To Be On TV

Liveshots DC is Washington DC’s premier remote studio. Located in  Hall of the States, our facilities are a block from Union Station and steps from the nation’s capitol.


At Liveshots DC we reliably accommodate our clients needs while pampering their guest. Our competitive rates, global connectivity, and array of services makes Liveshots DC the easiest solution to your Washington DC studio needs.

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As a 24/7, 364 days a year facility, we offer a wide range of services from booking to transmission, including:


  • Single Camera Liveshots

  • Dual Camera Liveshots

  • Satellite Media Tours

  • Domestic and International Coordination

  • Uplink and Downlink Booking

Our pricing is based on 30 minute windows, providing our clients flexibility for brief or longer shots. Please contact us for more info, or to request our rate card.

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At Liveshots DC, your guest is our family. From the time of arrival, your guest will feel comfortable, relaxed and ready for air.

We offer private green rooms with wireless access as well as providing a wide assortment of beverages and snacks. Our gourmet treats include fresh fruits, Fair Trade coffee, and chocolates. But the pampering doesn’t stop after air, every guest is sent home with a gift bag of even more tasty treats.

Liveshots DC

400 N. Capitol Street NW, Suite 366Washington, DC 20001


Phone: +1 202.393.8620

Fax: +1 202.393.8623


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